R3 - Ritmuller

Action: Traditional hard rock maple or hornbeam
Action Rail: Extruded aluminum
Backposts: Spruce
Bridges: Hardwood laminate with maple cap
Fallboard: Slow-close
Hardware: Chrome/Brass
Hammers: German-made felt hammers
Key Bed: Butcher-block spruce
Key Material: Premium, straight-grain Siberian spruce
Middle Pedal : Pactrice
Pinblock: 17-ply maple, cross banded
Plate: Sand-cast, CNC processed
Soundboard: Solid Spruce
Strings: German Röslau wire
Tuning Pins: Nickel-plated steel, cut-thread
Warranty: 10 year parts and labor
Height: 49 inches
Weight: 682 pounds (Boxed, including bench)


Created by our European and American piano-design consultants, this traditional, professional studio upright with a stylized case, is a workhorse piano that brings the very latest in music design and technology. The RB is especially suited to studios and professional venues. Engineered with quality components, the range of upgrades includes plate modification to accommodate new scales, new calculated string lengths, double wheel metals casters and much more. Each piano is produced with precision assembly technology employing hand craftsmanship that distinguishes it throughout the music industry.